5 Signs it’s Time to Bring Your Car in for Maintenance

January 28th, 2016 by

Life would be almost a little bit easier if our cars never wore out or broke down. Unfortunately, too many car owners treat their cars as though they’re indestructible. Ignoring engine and car trouble is dangerous; not only can it lead to expensive repairs down the road, it also causes potential safety hazards for both you and other drivers. When you experience these warning signs, it’s time to bring your car in to a mechanic or auto service center.

Ignition Problems

The minute you start having ignition problems, you’re in for a world of inconvenience. If your car either refuses to start sometimes, or the engine takes forever to turn over, you need to bring your car to a mechanic. Many ignition problems are simple for a mechanic to diagnose and fix, but they’ll get worse the longer you sit on them. Plus, it could be a spark plug problem, which, when left alone, is bad for your engine.

Gas Guzzling

You’re used to your vehicle averaging a certain gas mileage, and when it suddenly starts chugging gas like it’s a Hummer, that means something’s wrong. The reasons for dropped gas mileage vary, and can be due to a dirty air filter, a bad thermostat, or something else entirely. You can do a few small things, like check your tire pressure and drive more efficiently, but the best way to solve the problem is to your local service center like McDonough Nissan.

Unusual Sounds

Clunking, ticking, clicking: These are all sounds that indicate problems with your car. As soon as you hear them, take your car in for maintenance. Most of them are small concerns that can quickly grow into big ones if you don’t address them. Ticking, for example, probably indicates it’s time for an oil change, which is a simple fix until you leave it for too long and your engine deteriorates.

Brake Issues

If your brakes squeak occasionally, that’s not something to worry about. Brakes sometimes squeak if they’re wet or dirty, which may happen after a rainstorm or a drive to the beach. However, if your brakes make any sounds beyond an occasional squeak, bring your car in immediately. Squealing typically indicates worn out brake pads, and brake pads are pretty essential to your car stopping. If you hear metal grinding sounds, your brake pads have worn out so much they’re basically gone.

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